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Lane Crawford Site Takeover

Blossoming Blissful Vibes with Lane Crawford

Lane Crawford constantly shows support to local creative units to express their concern for the society and environment. They have chosen to work with me for their Chinese New Year campaign for all of their shops in Hong Kong and China, as my project's key purpose is to create awareness caring for the city's under-privileged elderly. This is not only a season to enjoy gathering with friends and families, but also a time to care for those whom we don't know. My cherry blossoms are showering hope and bliss to everyone in the world, as everyone is created equal, we strive for social justice. The privilege to work with Hong Kong's major retailer is beyond words, the experience is precious and inspiring. Seeing my art being adopted in their above-the-line advertising, visual-merchandising, online web portal to even red packets, I feel overwhelmed and overjoy. This collaboration has really struck me that just work hard, show up and smile, people would notice you.

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