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Hello world! I am the founder of Michell Lie Studio. I’ve always had a burning desire to extend a helping hand to society, especially to the elderly. But how have I come to this point? Back in 2017, I wanted to do something that matters to me but wasn't able to accomplish in my day-time job — which is my love and passion for art and craft. I turned my enthusiasm into charitable business opportunities, with the purpose of benefiting people, especially older adults.

As a self-taught ink drawing artist, I focus on broad brushstrokes, 0.05 fine liner pens, and other medium in color to narrate and illustrate the inspirations I find every day. My abstract work is a combination of thick care-free brushstrokes and a mass of ink dots known as pointilism. This makes my art unique in dimension and texture.


This art journey, is an excursion I have decided to take on, hoping to learn and be an inspiration for like-minded people from every corner of the world.  Art made accessible, charitable and enjoyable.


How it began

Years ago, my mother fell ill and became largely housebound. Along with other family members, I decided to spend more time caring for her; but in the process, my social life vanished. To transform my isolation into opportunity, I revived my dormant hobby of painting and drawing. What began as a pastime became a passion project which has lasted to this day. I aspire to pursue my passion in art, and I encourage you to do the same; to rekindle the passion within. You will be amazed by how much you can do if you so choose.

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Michell Painting
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What is art to me?

Chinese black ink mesmerizes me. It is solid yet fluid, breathing life onto paper. Ink drawing became my source of creative joy and my medium for positive visual art that enlivens people’s spirits.


It is my intention to create a fluid form of art that is uplifting and motivating. I believe art transforms the energy of space and interacts with the people in it, encouraging them to be mindful and flow with the present. Let art capture your heart and mind and create a continuous cycle of positive energy to empower you spiritually and mentally.

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My Vision and Mission

Our studio’s mission is to use art as a means to promote care for the elderly in Hong Kong. We redistribute resources from friends, customers and other supporters to raise funds for the cause. Older adults deserve our attention, respect and support in honor of their contribution to society.

Simultaneously, our studio aims to create aesthetically pleasing works to improve people’s living space and add more fun and zest to their lives — and joy will follow. Along my artistic journey, there are numbers of iconic ink art masters from China and around the world who have vastly inspired me as I grow and evolve as an artist. See who inspire me >

Please join us in bringing the world closer together.

"Make happy those who are near & those who are far will come."
— Confucius

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Michell draws

What is my art about?

My art combines broad ink brushstrokes and 0.05mm fine-liner, often accompanied by vibrant watercolors, pastels or acrylics, to translate Chinese ink into something modern and Western with a twist. The energy that runs through the works is strong, fluid and dynamic, and massive details enable the viewer to feel something unique every time they look at them. Turning abstract minimalism into expressionism, Oriental by nature with heavy Western influence, the mix creates something astoundingly different and unique. Art is my medium to connect the dots in life and in people.

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Michell Lie
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