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Crossover with MudLab at The Artist Hands Exhibition

Lucky Cat Goes Artistic

I have always loved Mud Lab's creation, he uses concrete to recreate Japanese items that we have seen for so long and so often, such as the iconic Lucky Cat 招財貓, Dharma 達摩 and Mount Fuji. Concrete is an amazing composite material that speaks durability, strength and protection. Mud Lab however skilfully transformed this construction material into something creative, lively and full of character. To empower the Lucky Cat further, Mud Lab has invited 4 artists including myself to dress these cats up. After months of preparation, you can now see 4 special cats in 1 exhibition called "The Artist's Hands". 招き猫╳水泥 ╳ 手繪藝術作品展 This cross-over of 5 different Hong Kong creative units is precious, because the last 18 months has left Hong Kong in acute tension and meeting up and doing things together is not something we should take for granted anymore. It's our sincere thoughts and hope of bringing people together, sharing blessings, laughter and love. Lucky Cat is meant to attract bliss, luck, charm and prosperity. The furry paw will bring all these goodies and most important of all, positive energy for you and the space you reside. Artistic vibes is further infused in these feline friends by emerging local artists. Bring them home and let the universe know you are ready for new challenges and adventures, because the Mud Lab Lucky Cat is guarding and standing by right next to you. Limited editions of these 4 special cats are all ready for adoption, contact Mud Lab to see how you can bring the Lucky Cats and start your lucky days.

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