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The Window of Hope

Light up these candles to bless the people and space you love.

About this series

Visualize that gently push open the window of hope, a soft breeze flows through, carrying with it a radiant warmth and soft scent that fills the space around you. The air is charged with a sense of possibility, and a renewed energy permeates the atmosphere.Each breath resonates with optimism, igniting a fire within your heart and filling you with a renewed sense of purpose to carry on, to march on.

This sensation about opening the Window of Hope is an invitation from Michell Lie Studio andMCeramics design, both local Hong Kong artists,  encouraging you to embrace optimism, to believe in your own potential, and to find solace in the beauty of the present moment.Through this limited edition Christmas scented candles, it is a reminder to us that no matter how dark the night may seem, the dawn of hope is always within reach. It's critical that we support each other because even a smile will make a difference, stay hopeful.

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Unique stories behind this candle

MCeramics design curates this graphically striking ceramic container that is composed of various techniques and applied at different stages of making, to create a more complex and interesting surface finishing. Every step is hand painted and some areas are masked off for the “raw” unglazed effect. Each container will carry this square-mark which is the window of hope that we intend to encourage and bless you. 

The contrast of black brushstroke on the candle container resonates with Michell Lie Studio's signature ink art, and came in primary colors of red, blue and yellow.  

It is our sole intention to create a candle that is fun to look at yet functional at the same time. It should be something very unique that you would treasure for a lifetime. We want this collection to bring people hope, joy and fun. 

We want to bring to your attentionthat every candle you purchase on this website, we will donate HK$100 on behalf of you to the Hong Kong elderly via local NGO.  It's not a lot of money, but we believe every single bit of effort and love counts. Please join us to pollinate love and spread it further. 

Window of Hope
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About the ceramist 

Mariane Chan, founder of MCeramics, is a fashion stylist turned ceramicist. After spending substantial time and training from Seto, Japan and Jingdezhen, China, she dedicates her core focus my Hong Kong based studio named mceramics design in 2016.    Her work has the influence of East meets West, incorporating traditional eastern throwing techniques and the aesthetics from the west. Mariane is adamant to bring modernity and fun into everyday functional ware.  Clients range from boutique coffee house, restaurants, perfumer to renowned fashion brands illustrating their common love for handcrafted art pieces turned daily objects of love and functionality.

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