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Anagram Capsule Collection

Weaving Heart and Art

I have never imagined that I can see my art on clothing, it's not just a print tee but they are properly designed garments using quality natural fabric. Anagram has brought all these to live. We started exploring possibilities last July and it takes exactly a year to conceive the whole thoughts into actual products. With numerous rounds of testing and adjustment by many craftsman and designers, what I have drawn could now be worn by me, you and you. What is most encouraging to me is that, I am totally a nobody which I was not even educated and properly trained as artist, but I met people who welcome newbies with open arm, open mind and embracing spirits. This is so needed in this commercial world right now to support people with no back-up, resources and network. It's possible. This collection is derived from my artwork called Mindfulness which I hope people when looking at it will be able to feel calm and collected. The blue is serene, soothing and fluid. Like water which runs in different form which can be hard as ice, warm as steam, nourishing liquid and just seeps through every drying cracks. Slow down, calm down and put down your armour. Reflect and review your own state, let it go and let it flow. Recuperate to stand strong.

Transient is the other artwork which has been applied on blue stripe cotton poplin to create a more dynamic outlook which is more vivid and vibrant. This art work conveys the idea that we are all small portion in the universe and we all are navigating in the space and we might stay or sway. We cannot control longevity of anything so let's just cherish every moment we have and focus on the present nor the past or the future. By appreciation of now will you be able to embrace and truly loving yourself.

I encourage you all to be kind, to yourself, your loved ones and those around you. See the world through the lens of love, and behold this moment, not objects or attachments. The burst of stardust is bright, but it doesn't have to be eternal. See full collection:

Project Gallery

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