I am the founder of Michell Lie Studio, I had a burning desire to extend my help to the society especially the elderly. But how can I do that by myself?  Then back in 2017, I started to look at what I love to do but didn't really do in my day-time job.  It has to be my love and passion for art and craft, and turn these into charitable business opportunities that can benefit more people, especially the older folks.

As a self-taught ink drawing artist, I focus on broad brushstrokes and 0.05 fineliner pens and other medium in color to narrate inspirations I see daily.  My abstract work is a combination of thick care-free brushstrokes and a mass of ink dots known as pointilism. This makes my art unique in dimension and texture. This art journey, is one excursion I have decided to take on hoping to learn and be an inspiration to like-minded friends from every corner of the world at michelllie.com 

My vision here is to use art as a means to extend my heart and hands to Hong Kong elderly. It's a small project to redistribute resources from friends and associated network to collect funds for this population who need more respect, attention and comfort to honour their contribution to the society.  At the same time, I hope to create something aesthetically pleasing to people to improve their living space with more fun and zest - joy will follow.  So people go around sharing motivating vibes and energy. I want to connect people, build bonds, remind people to be friendly and live well!


Art made affordable, charitable and enjoyable. 

If you are interested to know who inspire me as I grow and evolve, visit the page Inspirations and you will get to see many iconic masters from China and other parts of the world who influence me hugely on my ink work development.

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Art made affordable, charitable and enjoyable. 
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