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Where to shop my candles this Christmas?

It's so close to Christmas and you will need to hurry up shopping the perfect gifts for your colleagues, besties and families. Plus my candles are charitable, for what you paid and a big portion will be donated to Hong Kong elderly via local NGO or charities institutions. So where can you shop my candles when you don't want to wait for delivery? Check these out. dtby_ BOON G/F & 1/F at K11 Art Mall

18 Hanoi Road (Street level side facing Holiday Inn)

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

12:30PM - 8:00PM IG: @dtby_ This shop is one of a kind in Hong Kong that features all things from eclectic, quirky, unique to fun: all-in-one hidden gem that makes you feel like you are either in London, Shinjuku or Paris. Talk to Ron, curator of this space and he will blast the greatest tune and share all stories of the goodies he stocks at this shop. Our Torch series candles will be available there if you want to purchase quickly before you join your friends' Christmas parties. I will be there on 19th December for a trunk show featuring some other unique candle designs and

Joyce Boutique Ground Floor, New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong Daily. 10:30AM - 17:30PM The candles I poured for Joyce is not only filled with 100% soy wax, but it's adorned with the amazing crystal by @shopstoneandstar Joyce Tsang, founder of this amazing brand. She focuses in sourcing the perfect stone from all over the world for you which can uplift your energies, vibes. Joyce has hand-picked 3 types of stone to match my Gem collection candles, so you will be able to transform yourself into a cool calm collected individual. New year resolution starts now, and go shop for the right stones that help escalate the internal power within.

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