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We raised more money, because of you.

This journey is amazing because of you.

Last year I launched this small initiative by selling my art in postcard format, but I realize people don't really write cards, so it's not sustainable. Then out of nowhere I suddenly want to make my own scented candles, because I spent too much money on them, and I feel that I can make my own. In less than a month, I started to make candles, package them, market them. Amazingly, people are buying. Now I can even donate the 4th HK$10,000 to our HK elderly, all because of you. But I seriously have spent quite a lot of time on presenting what you see here, but it makes me learn, it makes me grow. 

I want to share with you all, when one door closes - another door will open. There is always hope. 

Lets see where this project is going to bring me, but I truly hope you can be with me.

Michell xoxo 


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