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Togetherness: The Women's Foundation Gala Dinner Silent Auction

The 2021 Women's Foundation Gala Dinner is back, after one year of break, I am lucky to be invited to participate this event by offering my art at the silent auction. The Women's Foundation is an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong by challenging gender stereotypes, empowering women in poverty and growing women in leadership. To support TWF, please click here to bid on our listing in their silent auction! This year's theme is Togetherness. The title of this piece is called Twir-Moil. During the last two years, we all have encountered challenges in countless twirling ways that cause turmoil in many aspects of our lives. Only through love and faith, will we bounce back higher and stronger. This diptych illustrates how in troubled times we are empowered by staying together with a hopeful heart.

Bring this piece home and the money will be transferred to becoming support and motivation for women who will grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Please help grow this amazing circle of will and power into a much stronger and loving network. Together, it's better. #TWFGala2021 #PowerOfTogetherness #TWFHK


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