Stay Well!

My fist time proper pop-up event at Be Well Fest, Repulse Bay ended last night and the 2-day experience was amazing. And I have never 'worked' with so many doggies around me before, their barking was such music to the ears. What's truly important is the experience earned. Getting ready for a popup is not easy for people like me who has a full time job, so everything is done before and after work. Estimating inventories, ordering supplies, packaging, pricing, visual merchandising, logistics, marketing, social networking, post event review and revenue checking etc - all be done by myself. Without my friends and family support, I cannot get through this. And I have so much to share with The Organic Store to grow together sharing vision, thoughts, worries, laughter and dreams. Growing up with fellow young entrepreneurs is invaluable. I super look forward to more collaboration with other Hong Kong brands. Stay strong and well, my friends.