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See my art in person

It's been a while since I last have my art exhibited, and excited to let you know that I am joining another 2 amazing HK artists, Night Fung and Sophie Cheung, at "Stains of Time" starting 29th October till 21st November. Witnessing Gallery HZ grows and so thankful for their faith and support over the years. Looking back how I have turned this hobby into something more substantial, I highly encourage you to pick up something you want to do be it a craft, a dish or a sport. Just anything that you want to do that spark your heart with a tingling joy. Do not under estimate the power of this seed growing into something bigger. It can really happen. At difficult time like 2020, it's even more important to look into what means to you. It's my hope to turn myself into a full-time artist, I know this would eventually come true.

#passion #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness #HongKongAddOil


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