Rainbow Donation

Regardless of the sluggish economy, I am blessed to discover more channels selling candles and receiving more commissioned artwork project enabling me to donate a bit more frequently than before. I rarely can donate during Summer and so lucky I can collect enough fund for another round of giving bringing our total donation up-to-date to HK$260,000 On behalf of you, I have chosen to donate HK$10,000 to Gay & Grey, a charitable organization which focuses in taking care of gay elderly in Hong Kong. This silver population is facing lots of social pressure for their identities and they are very lack of support and rapport to walk their late chapter of lives. I am feeling compelled to create awareness and desire to help every elder in Hong Kong who oftentimes are left out, abandoned or neglected. And elders of different religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation should be treated equally and fairly.

“Rainbows are made of small raindrops. Happy lives are made from acts of kindness.”

We may not be able to see rainbows a lot, but we can create lots of rainbows by living a kind and generous life to those around you. Let colors be the bridge between you and others, let colors connect you and your dreams. Rainbow connects. #nondiscrimination #supportElderly #spreadLove #beKind #socialinclusion


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