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Our donations this Christmas!

I am very privileged and blessed to make the 5th Christmas donations of HK$10,000 on your behalf because Christmas is a season of giving, and Forget Thee Not will be the recipient of your generous funds. This will bring our cumulative donations to a total of HK$337,500. Since four years ago following my mother's departure, I have seen many more of my friends or contacts and even pets ending their journeys due to COVID or other terminal illnesses. Unfortunately, the majority of these situations, the departure have not been dealt with properly for many reasons, hence regrets and sorrows follow leaving long-time grief and irreparable impact. My personal experience has left me rethink how we can start to prepare ourselves to confront the different stages of life, and I discovered Forget Thee Not.

Forget Thee Not engages the public to rethink the meaning of life through education, advocacy and practical implementation of plans to ensure the best possible transition. They advocate for proactive planning approaches to address the challenges of end-of-life journeys, using tools such as advance directive, caring plan, green funerals and related assistance to help people go through the transitions at peace and ease. Christmas is a time when we celebrate Jesus' birth, when we exalt His arrival to the world, because He has brought meanings and possibilities to everyone of us. I hope you all can take a moment to reflect and review how life has treated you in 2022, and what your aspirations for 2023 will be. Pray for yourself and all others who are facing oppression, threats, inequality, pray that we have faith and incessant patience and persistence to ride the storm and stay hopeful. In His name we pray, Amen. Have a peaceful Christmas and joyful New Year.


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