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Nothing can bounce like a Tiger

As the year of the Tiger is approaching us, would like to wish you lots of super energies to bounce back and coming strong like a crouching Tiger. And during this tough time when we are all trying to stay put and waiting for life to resume productive, I hope you understand that sadly not everyone is privileged to do that, such as our elderlies. During this festive season, I have donated HK$10,000 to V Cycle on behalf of you bringing our cumulative donation to HK$327,500. V Cycle focuses on waste management such as PET plastic bottles and other materials, and transforming them into new products. What I find as super valuable and touching is that V Cycle would employ our city's hard working grannies and uncles and offer them jobs with proper insurance, salary and rapport so they feel valued and cared for, allowing them to stay independent and respected. Our elderlies in Hong Kong are the true tigers, they are strong, active and determined. Let's learn from our senior folks and give back to them for they have built the city we are living right now. Without them, we could not come this far. Let the tiger roar remind us year long the importance of social justice and that kindness matters.

#giveback #charity #supportLocal #supportElderly #careforHongKong #generosity #kindnessmatter


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