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New year new regime

My new collaboration with The Organic Store has taught me a lot more about organic beauty products and setting a new beauty regime for myself. Together we have sourced wholesome products to help you feel good from inside out. Lucky I have sourced this clean looking container to match their vision and mission, bringing affordable natural and organic skincare products from Europe to Hong Kong to benefit people and the environment. Making it easy for us to integrate a green living routine to our daily life. Shop this collection to get my exclusive scented candles together with lovely beauty goods like organic facial scrub, retinol gold mask and Nordic hand cream to protect your skin.

The Organic Store has a mission to bring affordable natural and organic skincare products from Europe to Hong Kong. Both of our brands strongly feel that HK people should be given more chance to own and shop quality products at affordable prices improving life and spirits. We are adamant to hand pick goodies of good design to build our community into stronger one. Pre-order your set to make this Valentine's month a more special one. Stay home feeling good and wholesome and stay reflective. It's our responsibility to operate business and giving back to the society, this special edition will donate 10% of what you pay to PETA, an organization to protect our animals from cruelty. #Empowerment #organicbeauty #supportlocalbusiness


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