My donation is matched!

It's such happy moment to share with you all that soon after I announced my last donations update in September, one dear reader is moved and generously told me she will match my donation of HK$10,000 with the same amount bringing my cumulative donations to HK$280,000. This donor requests to donate to the Banyan Services special initiative that helps elderly with free funeral service. The very moment when she shared this offer with me, I was so super touched and encouraged. As most of you might understand, working on a side project after work is not easy (slasher is such a beautiful way to put it nowadays: The word “slasher” refers to the slash sign, as in “/”, and refers to people who combine more than one role or occupational identity.) and doing it on our own takes lots of discipline and energy. I hear positive comments from time to time, but over the years - the power of these compliments diminishes. And I rely on my own to carry on - but God has been sending me boosts every now and then to keep me going just like the piece of news I am sharing right now. Faith cannot grow on its own, it requires our mindset and belief to keep the faith strong and steady.

Pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you. — 2 Thessalonians 3:1 I hope small sharing like this can affirm you that for every little effort you make, it can create an impact at a magnitude you cannot imagine, please do not under estimate yourself or what you do, together we can ride the storm. In this morning when the Typhoon No. 8 is up, may this small piece of news bring you sunshine and rainbow to follow. Photo credits: Dicky Ma

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