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Lane Crawford mini art project collaboration

My art with their fragrance

Riding on the art month, April 2018, wave here in HK - Lane Crawford approached both local and overseas artists to celebrate what art has to do with fashion and lifestyle. I am one of the few artists they invited to participate in this #LCWhatisArt project. This fragrance from Serge Lutens is given to me and in return, I will offer my painting to communicate my feelings an emotions towards this scent.

The below is the flower which I have drawn for the fragrance! A delicate flower that blooms and blossoms in the middle of the night, under the influence of the luna, expressing her sensuality and aura. She is independent but not weak.

#LCWhatisArt #sergelutens #michellliestudio #HKartmonth #madeinHongKong #hkartist


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