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It's a wrap!

Never thought I would participate the Affordable Art Fair at such early stage, considered I have only drawn for 1.5 years and only during my free time, which is pretty much like 78 weekends or actually less. It's surreal, to be honest.

Red Chamber Gallery has been the key and bridge to make this happening. Without them, I cannot reconnect with numerous friends whom I have not seen for decades. And meeting people who are interested in my art, seeing them gazing at my artwork and even enquiring to purchase them, the feeling is peculiar, flattering and making my heart pounding faster and faster.

It's so different my role at the fair, I am no longer just a visitor. I used to say that - be a maker, not just a spectator, and this debut fair is reinforcing me in believing myself I can do it, if I want to. If it's the right thing to do, God will pave way for you. I always think that it's my goal to be a philanthropist, God will give me that big hand to guide me through and sending me the right people to explore.

Promise I will continue to draw, create, produce and stand firm. For all of those who have faith in me, and trusting me, I cannot thank you more but only returning your favor and love by working harder. It's never too late to do things that you love, the thing I most want you to know is that, use your time with a mindful heart, do things that you will feel proud of later. Youth, body shape, money, material, possession all fade eventually, but your passion and the mark you leave in other people's heart will not fade, reach out to support those who need you. Your life will be more colorful and interesting than you could ever think.

See you soon, in another fair - maybe? :)

Yours | Michell


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