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You made some Christmas donations today!

I cannot thank you more for helping me to make a donation to Senior Citizen Home Safety Association 「一線通平安鐘™」this very Christmas Eve. HK$15,000 will be given to SCHSA for the care-on-call program which focuses in giving emergency aid for the senior folks. The cumulative funds raised now reach HK$317,500. Without your help, I will not be able to do this alone. You have make this world a little bit better and stronger.

Within your spirit is a little flame that nothing can extinguish.

I hope my little project will empower you to believe that kindness matters, and you can be part of it or you can even create something of your own to call for joiners to walk this journey together. On this Christmas Eve, I pray that you have peace, love and joy at heart. Merry Christmas.


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