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Easter Donation

Thank you for your kind support purchasing my art and candles to enable me to make a donation on behalf of you. This Easter, when I think of Jesus resurrecting overcoming death, I immediately think of Suicide Prevention Services 生命熱線 and making a humble donation of HK$10,000 (cumulative donation of HK$250,000) to them. I cannot forget those visits I made to the poor folks at their madly small home - which most of the time is just a dimly lit room, with no air-con, dirty and stuffy. With no income and critically ill, some could be blind, on wheelchair, weak and fragile - what do you think their life could be about? Without hope, they would try many different ways to end their lives. One case I learned shock me and I will never forget is that, they will try to drown themselves in the basin, that is the easiest way, and they will succeed. It's my personal goal to find ways to help our helpless and powerless elderlies to live a life with more respect, dignity and comfort. And each and every time I want to stop working on my project because I get a bit tired, I will continue because I know I can still do something for this population. Please in your every way, show some love to this population. Hope and kindness is the only cure.

#kindnessmatter #spreadlove #giveHope #michellliestudio


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