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It's Christmas again, and we all have walked this far to wrap the year of 2021. To celebrate this special loving season, I have prepared a limited edition candles called Torch for you. Torch is a collaboration between A Minute Studio and Michell Lie Studio. Hold up this Torch and it will brighten all dark corners, and bring light to your heart and soul. There are 4 Torch namely Faith, Hope, Vitality and Generosity. By lighting these candles, these values will be seeding in your life growing bigger and stronger. Pass it on, so your loved ones will be blessed by your love and be the light of the world.

Calvin, founder of A Minute Studio, is a seasoned ceramist based in Hong Kong. Together we created the special edit called Torch that is the perfect gift for Christmas. Each candle is unique, hand-made and filled with love and blessings. It's our intention that you can use this container for your daily beverage like wholesome tea or even sake wine. Or even for amazing starter or saucer for all the beautiful food you prepare.

For each candle we sell, we will donate HK$50 to Hong Kong elderly via local NGO. This small amount can become bigger when more of you guys purchase and spread the news. I hope this Christmas season will be more special if we can share more love with the people we don't know. There are still countless underprivileged people in a city that is so full of resources like Hong Kong. Some people will get extra lonely at festive season, let's do something, and be the light of the world.

Be a part of our charitable initiative and purchase this collection, and tell your friend about our project. Without your support, I will not be able to come this far. I hope the next email you receive from me will be the donation update to wrap 2021 and we can all welcome the new year with loving hope. Merry Christmas.

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