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Ceramics by Karena Lam

I still remember how I got in touch with Karena Lam 林嘉欣 a few months ago when I 'cold-call' her on IG. No one can resist her because she is so pretty and sweet, and we jokingly give her a nickname amongst my besties that she is the Goddess. A great mom, talented artist, friendly star she is - it seems too good to be true when Karena responds to my email in less than an hour. There we go, started to chat and discuss how we can work together. What warms my heart further is that her ceramic hobby is charitable by nature. It's like double-happiness to me, if I really can pour wax into Karena's containers, this is a double-joy candle, and everything is hand-made here in Hong Kong. This will be a super awesome project - a crossover of 2 creatives who are doing something completely different from their day time job. We both work so hard on this pet project, let's be honest, it's not easy. Sparing time, money and effort into your hobby, it takes more than persistence and dedication. High five to Karena Lam - LOL.

I name this collection as the Touching Light, because the COVID-19 has transformed our lives in many ways. Touching friends and families seems so difficult and this separation seems perpetual. To encourage and empower you that there is hope, Karena has created this limited edition series with a special feature of 2 soft indents. These 2 marks are our touch of love and care. Hold this candle and pass it on, share the light that speaks warmth and encouragement.

Karena has humbly told me many times she is grateful for my trust and courage in her pottery. Her candid comments is one thing that is so precious because she is simply genuine, regardless her busy schedule, she tried to reply me in person most of the time. It truly feels like a partnership other than commission work.

To learn more about the story, please visit HERE.

This project has given me many opportunities in meeting new people and learning new skills. I was searching for different photographers who will accept my tiny photoshoot budget, plus a vague creative brief. After talking to many, I finally found Tommy who brings the best out of the collection. Tommy's style totally matches the collection spirits. Without Tommy's help, I will not be able to share the story in such a vivid and poetic way.

My sincere thanks to everyone mentioned below, without your time, this collection will not happen. Credits to the core creative units:

Karena Lam - Ceramist

tommytfortwo - Photographer

Wing Yi - Model

Nole Ku - Art Direction Sincere thanks to Karena's assistant, Tommy's assistant, and cheer leaders such as Hazel, Daisy and Dada!


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