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Bye Bye London!

It's hard to say goodbye, especially to a lovely city like London. The Affordable Art Fair at Battersea has finally reached an end. Although I was not able to attend the fair in person, so many friends have been sending me their photos letting me know they went see my work. I cannot be more thankful and touched by these support for an indie artist like myself. The feeling is so special when I know that my art found new homes to reside and buyers are very happy for their new purchase. Let me take this chance to thank all of you who have incessantly supporting me, motivating me and to carry on. 2022 has been extremely harsh to countless ones in the world, and I pray that all of us stay hopeful and believe everything will be fine. Art heals, art connects. See you soon, London!

#affordableartfairUK #londonart #contemporaryart #artfair #hkartist #michellliestudio


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