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The Artist's Exhibition Roundup

The Artist's Hands Exhibition has reached an end, and I would like to share those special moments with you all. If you have visited us on the opening day, try to see if you are in one of these snaps, if you have not been able to drop by, have a browse and hope you feel the joy we had at the gathering. Biggest thanks to MudLab for including me to join the other 3 artists at his first solo exhibition. I have learned a lot through this collaboration as it's my first time drawing on a three dimensional surface, and non-paper medium. It's so true about this quote that "you don't grow if you are comfortable." Hong Kong is going through a drastic change or transformation since two years ago, the change will only go in a more acute speed and form, hence it's important that we all stick together and give each other strength plus encouragement. Without art, my life will be monotone with no energy and soul. I commend all of you to develop your artistic side and let the creativity within you soar. Step up and chin up, see you soon. I will continue to work on more art to bring you positivities. #mudlabhk #luckycats #manekoneki #hkart #michellliestudio Photo credits: Yik Yeung Man

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