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800 candles sold

I have cumulated sales of over 800 candles, including refills right now. Must take this chance to thank you all for purchasing my hand-poured candles for yourself or as gifts. Not to mention all those of you who have recommended me to your friends and network. Can't thank you more for making all these efforts.

Looking back and counting blessings, I know there is more fun than regrets in starting this initiative. This project enables me to appreciate all things in life more because I know how hard it is to create and produce things, and things that can sell, and things that can sell not only to a niche market. It has given me this entrepreneurial spirit getting my brain nonstop running.

When people told me how happy they are when they send off my candles as gifts, it warms my heart. Turning these smiles and sales money into donation is another pillar of my project. It's my goal to give people quality charitable gifts and reinvesting the money for our Hong Kong elderly. Gifting love is the best thing you can do, thank you for helping me help others.

It's 9-11 today, may all those who are hurt are healed, turn pain into tears watering the flowers of hope. Be the light of the world and every small effort counts.

Stay hopeful and faithful.


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