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touching light

Touching Light

Limited edition candle series by Karena Lam 

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I want to share with you our limited edition candles created by one of my most admired artist turned ceramist in Hong Kong, Karena Lam 林嘉欣. Karena has devoted her precious afterwork hours to hobby ceramic, turning clay into art made with love and patience. Similar to the purpose of our studio, revenue generated by the sales of her ceramic pieces, she donates to charity. This mid-autumn festival, I have invited Karena to join hands with me in this collaboration called Touching Light  A series of three themed candle collection that is original and full of love. Made in Hong Kong, made for Hong Kong. 


Inspiration of  Touching Light 

The world has been and still under tremendous distress caused by the COVID-19. For nearly 2 years, we have lost our mobility and motivation. It was impossible to see people face to face, giving a firm handshake becomes socially-awkward and many other forms of human touch is almost forbidden. We all long for that personal touch which warms our heart, that tells us we are loved and supported. Inspired by this longing desires of mankind, Karena is driven to remind us that we want to touch each other's heart, we want to get close to each other. The two marks on each candle container is our way to tell you to pass on this candle to those you love. Touch the candle and feel the fragrant greetings from afar. Touching Light is our small token of love telling you that we are together, and let's help some others too with these loving candles, for each candle you purchase from this series, Michell Lie Studio will donate $100 to HK elderly on behalf of you. 

Please join me to support independent artists, locally made arts and crafts, and more importantly the less privileged population in Hong Kong. The world is so tough and rough, it really makes a huge difference if you can let your guard down and be nice. Be kind and be the light of the world to brighten up the many dark corners of our neighbors. Touching the light sounds surreal, let the light shine from your heart because that will touch and warm people up, even move mountains. Light our candles, spread the love. 

Credits:  Karena Lam - Ceramist 
            tommytfortwo - Photographer 
            Wing Yi - Model 
            Nole Ku - Art Direction 

By Karena Lam

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